State pension frozen overseas: Pensioner, 95, misses out on £80,000 by living in Canada | Personal Finance | Finance


For others, inflation means the inability to receive the uprated pension has made getting by a huge challenge.

“There’s a 95 year old gentleman in Vancouver, who worked all his life in the UK,” Mr Andexser explains.

“And at age 65, having paid 44 years of contributions, he decided to emigrate to Vancouver to be with his daughter and his grandchildren.

“And that was 30 years ago, and 30 years ago, I think he was receiving around £46 per week.

“He still to this day gets £46 per week.”

Mr Andexser adds: “I think Nigel has calculated that over 30 years, he has had a loss to his pension of around about £80,000, or like $130,000.

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