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State pension payments are often the bedrock of retirement, and many will want to get the maximum amount possible. The amount of state pension a person receives depends on their record of National Insurance contributions.

At present, the new state pension is worth £185.15 per week, typically for those with 35 years or more of eligible contributions. 

Some may get less than the full sum if they were contracted out before April 6, 2016.

However, to determine whether it is possible to boost one’s state pension, a useful tool has been developed.

It has been launched by former pensions minister Sir Steve Webb, who is well known for drawing attention to a wide range of state pension and retirement issues.

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Topping up a state pension will be the right decision for some, but not appropriate for others. 

Consequently, Britons may wish to take the results from the tool to a professional adviser if they wish to gain further guidance.

Individuals can check their state pension forecast online, considered the “quickest way” to do so.

Other ways to apply include filling in a BR19 application form and sending it by post, or calling the Future Pension Centre. 

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