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There are sources and then there are sources. The news was accidentally leaked by the manager of one the movie’s biggest stars. Not only did they reveal the date, but they also confirmed the time the trailer would be shown. UK fans may have to stay up a little past their bedtimes, but most would agree it will be worth it.

Most fans and commentators are certain the trailer will arrive this month. Recent posts on one site confidently declared the trailer would drop in the evening of Monday, October 21. Powerfully, that is also Carrie Fisher’s birthday – which would certainly give the release added emotional impact.

However, it is assumed John Boyega’s agent would know things most fans and sites do not. Motivated, presumably, by pride in his client, Femi Oguns boldly posted the trailer release date on his Instagram account.

Often such posts are rapidly taken down. The fact that it remains up is probably so as not to draw any more attention to it. Taking it down would imply pressure from Disney, which would imply it actually contained valid information. 

The post said; “The next @starwarsmovies trailer out Monday. It’s official.”

This means Monday, October 14 – but why this day and what time should fans expect it?

Disney favours Monday evening big reveals because they can be broadcast during the half-time advertising break for the big Monday night football match on TV.

This Monday, the match will be between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay packers. The match coverage starts at 8.15pm EST, or just after midnight in the UK. Half-time should come at approximately 9.30pm (1.30 am in the UK). 

Fans will be eagerly poised for the trailer.

Not just to see the next major revelations of what to expect in Episode IX, but also because tickets will go on sale straight afterwards in the US.

JJ Abrams movie is expected to smash records as it wraps up the Skywalker saga after 42 years.


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