Sonic And Angry Birds Are Crossing Over In Multiple Games


In 2023, Sega Sammy Holdings acquired Rovio, subsequently making the famed Angry Birds developer a subsidiary of Sega Europe. While Sega’s Japanese social media account shared a photo of a Red statue standing alongside Sega’s other mascots (see below), we haven’t seen the acquisition impact the games to this point. That changed today, as Sega and Rovio announced a multi-game crossover event between Sonic and Angry Birds on mobile devices.

The crossover event even comes with its own storyline, which includes a plot to steal the Angry Birds’ eggs that accidentally creates a portal between the world of Angry Birds and Sonic’s world. Sonic, Red, and their friend groups must work together across five mobile titles to stop Dr. Eggman. The event will include new playable characters, cross-brand collectibles, and exclusive rewards.

In Sonic Forces, Sonic and Red team up to collect rings and power-ups to score points and defeat Dr. Eggman. If you collect character cards, you can unlock Red and Chuck as playable characters. Red and Chuck also join the other active Sonic mobile game, Sonic Dash, where they are playable characters that can join your roster through both free and premium methods. Sonic Dash is also adding Angry Birds-themed collectibles.


On the Angry Birds front, Angry Birds 2 is adding Sonic Friends Hats that you can equip to your Angry Birds to grant power boosts. Angry Birds 2 players can also play through a “You’re Too Slow” adventure that is only available to birds wearing the correct hats. Hats are acquired through the in-game Tower of Fortune. In Angry Birds Dream Blast, players can enjoy Sonic’s Flash Race event, which adds 10 saga levels to race through with “dreamy” rewards. Finally, Angry Birds Friends receives 30 Sonic-themed levels based on locales and characters from the Sonic franchise. 

The Sonic x Angry Birds multi-game crossover event runs from today, March 14, to March 21. All five of the games – Sonic Forces, Sonic Dash, Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds Dream Blast, and Angry Birds Friends – are available for iOS and Android through the App Store and Google Play, respectively. 

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