SONGMICS Cabinet Shelf Organizer Review 2021


For someone who lives in a household of just two, my husband and I have a surprisingly large amount of dinnerware. Most of the pieces are leftovers from our first apartment, some are “new home” purchases we decided to invest in, and others are generous gifts from family and friends. Maybe it’s because I work in the food and kitchen space, but dinner plates, ice cream bowls, and more have just piled up to the point where I worry they’ll shatter under their own weight.

Normally, this wouldn’t bother me—I could rearrange the height of my cabinet shelves and organize the dinnerware better, and I could hide the stacks behind closed cabinet doors. If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist, right? Well, joke’s on me because I have glass fronts on my cabinets and no matter how much rearranging I did, I still wouldn’t have enough shelves to fit everything.

I came across this SONGMICS Cabinet Shelf Organizer and decided to give it a try—it was affordable, perfectly functional, and streamlined enough to blend into my cabinets. Turns out, it was the best decision I could’ve made for my cabinets.

The organizer gave me space where I thought there wasn’t any left. Where I had three shelves in a cabinet, I magically have four. And this fourth shelf means that I can break up large stacks of plates and bowls into more manageable ones that don’t topple over when I shut the door too hard (nor will it crack under its own weight). Now, I have a shelf for everyday plates and bowls, two for nicer pieces when family and friends visit, and one for fancy dinnerware that is almost too nice to eat on (or requires hand washing—a dishwasher is too convenient!)

Because the organizer is expandable, it fits the length of my cabinets without any awkward dead space and I can truly max out on storage. I wound up buying a second set for another cabinet because let’s be real—we can always use more kitchen space. At under $20 though, I wouldn’t be surprised if I grabbed a third for my countertop.

How do you magically find space in your kitchen? Drop some inspo below!

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