Some planning for venues in NSW to reopen already ‘piloted’


NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes says some of the planning done to create safe scenarios for business venues to reopen in New South Wales have already been “piloted”.

“There is a silver lining and there’s all sorts of planning rules that we can sweep away to make more opportunities for business to open up outdoors, some rules that frankly may not need to be there at all permanently,” Mr Stokes told Sky News host Chris Smith.

“But we’re going to pilot it in the meantime to open up our bowling grounds, our car parks…to allow more people to wine and dine outside.

“Some of it we’ve already piloted so we know it worked from last time, we did a lot of this work in the Rocks.

“And just through a bit of innovation, we’re able to come up [with], in a really congested part of the city, an extra more than half an acre of floor area where restaurants could open up and bars could open up, but we’re keen to move really, really quickly.”

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