Small kitchen interior tips: 11 ways to make a small kitchen look bigger


Utilise wall space

You might not have much floor space, so you should use any spare wall space that you’ve got to cleverly store things.

Stephen said: “Use any free wall space to install slimline wall cupboards or minimalist shelving in order to create yet more space for all your kitchen essentials.”

Why not hang up your mugs, pans, and utensils instead of storing them in drawers and cupboards? It makes more sense!

Utilise corners

Most people forget about the four corners of a room, but they’re actually very handy.

Stephen said: “So much wasted space is hidden in the corners of your kitchen which makes it the perfect storage solution.

“The best way of doing this is adding in a Le Mans pull-out tray, this handy solution utilises every inch of space.”

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