‘Slowly sinking!’ Pensioners cry for help amid rising cost of living crisis | Personal Finance | Finance


“At Age UK, we are being contacted every day by desperate older people in this position, people for whom there are only ‘bad choices’ – ration your energy use, cut back on food or other essentials, or go into debt.”

Ms Abrahams has called for “urgent and decisive” action from the Government to help older people.

This is specifically to help those who are struggling financially, but may not be in receipt of all the support they could get.

Pension Credit, a benefit for low-income pensioners, has been posited as a sensible solution for those who need extra help.

Ms Abrahams added: “We are urging older people to check their full entitlements – claiming Pension Credit alone could have a life-changing impact by opening the door to a wealth of additional support.

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