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Derrick from Herefordshire is in his 70s and has found a way to earn £3,500 just by making use of one app.

For the past two years, he has been able to get out and do various tasks around his neighbourhood that have helped keep himself afloat financially.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to bite, many retirees have had to look for extra jobs to supplement their income as bill keep rising.

However, with the use of Shepper, Britons can make some extra cash just by helping people out. In total, Derrick has earned £3,500. 

Shepper users earn hundreds of extra pounds carrying out short-market research jobs in their local community.

He said: “I complete between five and ten tasks a week, although sometimes I can fit in many more than that depending on what jobs are available in my area. 

“The types of jobs I do varies from day to day and week to week. But I have done everything from simple billboard checks to Mystery Shopping to Check and Fix jobs.

“This could mean going into a supermarket to check on the stock levels of a particular product or making sure that a promotional offer is displayed correctly and if it’s not then fixing it or bringing it to someone’s attention.

“I’ve also done plenty of visits to convenience stores, electronics stores and phone shops for lots of household names. Every job is different which keeps it interesting.”


Derrick has been retired for a few years but uses Shepper as a way to stay financially fit and get himself around. He explained it makes him feel like his own as he works for himself and only himself.

Since working, Derrick has taken part in hundreds of tasks. He makes around £150-£200 a month, which is a really useful addition to his current income. 

As prices continue to rise, Derrick said he uses the extra cash for everyday essentials.

He continued: “It’s really rewarding, especially given that I get to pick and choose when I do the jobs. 

“I get to be my own boss and that gives me the independence I want at this point in my life. when needed and always pays fairly for my efforts!”

Shepper has launched over £350,00 worth of jobs to be completed by Britons looking to get into a side hustle this summer.

They have seen an incredible increase in demand due to the cost of living crisis with now over 200,000 users. 

Lindsay Forster, CEO of Shepper said: “We are always looking to increase the breadth and availability of our tasks into more areas of the UK and Ireland, so this is a significant step towards offering community members, nationwide, an opportunity to earn or save money.

 “There has been a stark increase in the demand for the tasks we offer to people as the side hustle has become mainstream. As we continue to grow as a company, I can see it becoming an everyday part of many people’s lives; ideally combining this with other life tasks to drive an even bigger environmental benefit.”


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