Side hustle success: High school rugby mates earning thousands from rum cocktails | Personal Finance | Finance


“We have set up the business in such a way that we can manage it mostly from a laptop.  We outsource operations, legal, PR and sales and, most recently, we outsourced distribution to another Greater Manchester firm, Ten Locks, which manages a portfolio of progressive, conscious drinks brands.”

Mr Gaughan continued to say that having an ecommerce platform was vital to ensuring Salford Rum stayed afloat during the pandemic, alongside a shift of perspective on priorities of the business.

“A lot of inspiration was taken from the book The Four Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferris.   Shopify has been key to our ecommerce growth, particularly during lockdown last year as we quickly pivoted our model to focus on digital and social.

“This worked well, and we saw an incredible 1,500 percent uplift in online orders in the months after the pandemic hit in March 2020. Overall, we shipped over 10,000 bottles via the website alone in 2020, compared to around 1000 in 2019. A 1,000 percent sales increase for 2020 is incredible.”

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