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Republicans and Democrats battled for the White House this year, with a bitter clash in the polls between November 3 and 7. Most states saw a protracted race thanks to Covid-19, made worse by legal challenges from President Trump’s campaign and GOP party members. They have now lost all of their notable clashes in court, but they have not conceded defeat.

What does secede mean?

The last-ditch effort to discount votes for Joe Biden in America’s deciding swing states took place last week.

Hundreds of GOP members clubbed together with Texas attorney general Ken Paxton to challenge results in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

They wished to invalidate the results and award President Trump the win, but they ultimately failed when the Supreme Court threw out the suit.

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The latest proposal comes from a very different desire, and lawmakers have already signalled they have no desire for violence with the referendum proposal.

Arguments for secession likely won’t gain any ground, as according to Richard Kreitner, author of “Break It Up: Secession, Division and the Secret History of America’s Imperfect Union” they serve as an expression of nationalistic sentiment.

He said: “If you have strong opinions about what the country’s purpose is supposed to be, you are the most stalwart of patriots, but the moment it’s not going your way, you turn against it.

“That’s what we are seeing with people like Rush Limbaugh, who were patriots until they weren’t.”

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