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After being a single parent for over 17 years, Patt signed up to a dating site to find “companionship”. She was contacted by a man who used a fake identity and alias ‘Morgan Giovanni’. They started a relationship and she eventually sent him £60,000.

On the BBC programme For Love or Money today, Kym Marsh and Ashley John-Baptiste uncovered the truth about the so-called ‘Morgan Giovanni’ in an effort to help Patt draw a line under the horrific online romance fraud she had fallen victim to.

Patt was made redundant from her job and her youngest daughter had gone to university when she signed up to the dating site.

She explained that Morgan claimed he was an Italian American boxing promoter based in Oregon. He also told her had a daughter.

Eventually they started messaging on WhatsApp and he asked for her address to send her flowers.

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She said: “I suppose when you’ve been a single parent for 17 years it’s nice to get flowers especially when you’ve just been made redundant.”

After a few weeks of talking, she claimed Morgan had asked her for £6,000 so that he could bid in a boxing tournament. He said he could not make the payment himself as his bank had frozen his account, so sent her his daughter’s bank account details. He promised Patt to pay her back.

Morgan sent Patt pictures of his passport, his daughter’s ID, as well as pictures of her credit cards to show her that he was genuine and it was not a scam.

With all this proof, Patt sent Morgan the money.


He then started asking Patt for more money for his taxes . However the only way she could help him this time was by raiding her redundancy fund.

She said: “I don’t know, I just wanted to believe him.

“At any other time I would not have had this money.

“So I did send him £52,000, and I’ll never have that money again, and still then I believed him.”

This did not stop Morgan as six weeks after pocketing the £52,000, he was asking for more.

He said he had won a lot of money betting on a boxing tournament but with his account frozen, he asked Patt if he could transfer the winnings to her account instead.

The only catch was that she would need to pay money upfront first to get the cash released.

Patt continued: “He asked me for another £38,000. He said he had won a bet and gave me the log on details to his bank account and there was a picture of him and about £2.5million in the bank.”

This was proof for Patt that Morgan had a lot of money and she would get back what she had given him.

To get this extra £38,000, Patt went to take loan from her bank who warned her this was a scam.

Patt said: “That’s when I gave up. I gave up the dream and admitted that oh dear what have I done. I always had doubts but I was willing to be persuaded.”

In total, Patt had lost £60,000 to the criminal.

After investigating Patt’s case, Ashley found that Morgan’s profile was in fact fake. The person behind the profile was a scammer.

He found that the passports and documents he had sent her were not genuine and they had been faked.

The pictures he had sent to her had been stolen from another person’s profile.

Morgan, Kym and Ashley called the scammer over the phone and he continued to try and reassure Patt that he was not a scammer, despite Kym and Ashley’s evidence against him.

She responded: “You continue to lie and lie. You’ve stolen my whole life’s savings and you just keep saying ‘No I didn’t, no I didn’t.’

“You’re just a liar and I don’t know how you live with yourself. You evil man. I just find that shocking. I’m just shocked by the world and I shouldn’t be.”

For Love or Money continues tomorrow on BBC one at 10am.

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