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One pensioner, an 86-year-old man, was a hair’s breadth away from falling victim to a scam, which could have cost him at least £4,000 – and potentially much more – but thankfully, a relative was wise to the scammer’s crafty techniques and managed to step in before any harm was done.

The 86-year-old found himself targeted when he received a call which claimed to be from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Many people are aware of the real Revenue and their status in collecting taxes, so it is likely many could be convinced by contact of this kind.

The caller stated the pensioner owed a debt to HMRC, and had to pay £4,000. This would be shocking to anyone who received this kind of correspondence, and people are likely to be alarmed there is allegedly this kind of debt in their name.

The victim was then told a taxi would collect him from his home address to take him to his local Halifax branch. He was informed he would need his passport to withdraw the sum, as a form of identification.

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