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Sam Allardyce appeared on Good Morning Britain following England’s 2-1 win over Denmark on Wednesday and praised Gareth Southgate for making the right substitutions, team picks and formation choices which have seen England sail to the Euros final. He added Mr Southgate has shut himself and the team away from the outside world where criticisms and scandals have not shaken the team. Mr Allardyce continued by saying the decisions to change up the team and to give players, who may not usually get much pitch time, a chance to show off their skills has allowed the team to crush the opposition.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Mr Allardyce shared his thoughts on the Wembley game which saw England win 2-1 after the game went into extra time. 

He was asked his opinions on Gareth Southgate substituting Jack Grealish on then off again during the final few minutes of the game which is usually seen to be a snub to the player.

He told the programme: “When they were winning the game they made that sacrifice.

“And the player, when you played for England, has to understand that the manager is the man who’s who sees the game.

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“I think that behind him with Steve Holland and the rest of his staff of course make a massive contribution as well. “I think that that decision wasn’t taken lightly, it was discussed before it happened.

“It happened and, of course, you always put yourself in front of every scrutiny when you’re being the manager so nothing’s gone wrong for Gareth at the moment.

“He’s made those brave changes when need to be and he hasn’t really listened to the outside world.

“He stayed focused on the inside and listened to his staff and made the right decisions, pick the right systems, pick the right team whenever they played and now they’ve got one more team to pick.

Some restrictions, like mask-wearing and hand cleaning, are introduced to the stadium to curb the spread of the virus.

Pubs have also been allowed to remain open for an extra 45 minutes on Sunday so revellers can watch the game if it goes into extra time and penalties. 

Chancellor Rishi Sunak faced playful calls to introduce a bank holiday on Monday for Britons to celebrate the win. 

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