Sainz struggled in Singapore GP wet conditions


Carlos Sainz struggled to “get into a rhythm” in the tricky conditions during the Singapore Grand Prix.

The Ferrari driver finished third 7.7 seconds behind teammate Charles Leclerc in third place, and was briefly under threat from Lando Norris at the end of the race.

He blames the lack of pace on struggling with the rear of the F1-75 during the crossover phase between the Intermediate tyre and dry slicks.

“Never really got into a rhythm in the wet,” he told media. “I couldn’t challenge for the top two guys because I was always struggling a bit more with the rear of the car.

“So in the end, in these conditions, when you don’t have that extra bit of confidence in the car I had to settle for P3.

“The good thing is I didn’t do any mistakes, I could bring the car home and be quick towards the end of the race when I managed to build a bit of confidence.”

Sainz: ‘Crazy’ how long laps are around Marina Bay Street Circuit

The race ended under time due to the slow pace early on with the drivers lapping on the Intermediate tyres, so the full race distance was not complete.

More than 46 laps were completed which means that full points can be awarded, however Sainz commented that its “crazy” how long it takes to complete a lap around the street circuit.

“[It’s] crazy how long it takes here to drive, we keep doing laps and you keep looking at the track and the dry line never appears in some places and it [the car] keeps sliding a lot.

“But it’s definitely something to keep in mind for future because this track is pretty unique on that.”

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