Russell keen for ‘clean slate’ from Mercedes with 2024 car


George Russell wants Mercedes to take a “clean slate” when designing their 2024 car, after unfulfilled potential with the W14.

The team elected to stick with their current car concept at the start of this season, but it proved to be the wrong decision when they turned up to the season opener at the Bahrain Grand Prix facing the same issues as 2022.

A change of concept was slated for the Monaco Grand Prix, with the rest of the races between Saudi Arabia and Miami seemingly turned into a write off while they rushed through a b-spec W14.

Although it was an improvement on what they had, the W14 ultimately did not yield any race wins for Mercedes. Team Principal Toto Wolff went as far to say that the car “did not deserve” a win and that it had a special place reserved in the Mercedes-Benz museum.

Russell: We’ll be in a stronger position

Russell, who has so far only taken one win with the team, wants to see a completely new concept for 2024.

“We’re taking a clean slate into next year’s car. I think that the positive is we’re not scratching our heads why we’re so far behind Red Bull,” he told media, including RacingNews365.

“We see so many flaws with this car, which gives every single person back at the factory so much motivation and fire to chase after those problems and find those solutions, which we think will make a good step into next year.

“But I expect Red Bull to make a step again. I’ve got no doubt, come Bahrain, we’ll be in a stronger position than we were in Bahrain this year.”

Wolff confirmed the team would gamble on a completely new concept for next year, as it looks to close the gap to the dominant Red Bull.

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