Russell assesses Bearman’s full-time F1 seat chance


George Russell has expressed confidence that Oliver Bearman will be on the Formula 1 grid as soon as next year’s campaign following his Grand Prix debut in Saudi Arabia.

Bearman was called up to replace Carlos Sainz at Ferrari after the Spaniard was diagnosed with appendicitis last weekend in Jeddah.

After qualifying in 11th place, Bearman impressed during the Grand Prix as he rose to seventh place on his race debut.

The 18-year-old drew praise from various drivers, including teammate Charles Leclerc who predicted that Bearman’s full-time grid presence is “a matter of time”.

Russell predicts 2025 seat for Bearman

Russell also weighed in on the situation, predicting that Bearman could be signed to a contract as soon as 2025.

The Briton has been linked with a drive at Haas ahead of his agreement to partake in six FP1 outings with the squad this year.

“He did an amazing job,” Russell told media including RacingNews365.

“Coming to a circuit like this as well is extremely difficult. I think he exceeded everybody’s expectations.

“I followed him briefly In the past, but I think he caught a lot of people by surprise.

“It is extremely difficult. But if you’ve got the speed and the talent, at the end of the day it’s just another race car.

“He clearly had the confidence straight from the off, pushing the car to the limit. So respect for him for the job is done. I probably expect to see him on the grid next year or the year after.”

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