Royal food: The Queen’s ingenious trick to avoid being poisoned


The Queen is known for hosting big banquets in Buckingham Palace as well as attending official dinners across the world, where she is at high risk of being poisoned. The royal staff, however, have an ingenious hack to prevent this from happening.

“After everything is plated up, a page chooses at random one of the plates to be served to Her Majesty.

“So if anyone did want to poison the monarch they’d have to poison the whole lot!” Royal commentator Emily Andrews explained.

Although a page chooses the exact plate the Queen will have, her Royal Majesty picks the meals she wants.

The Queen reportedly has a code to inform the royal chefs who they are cooking for and what she wants to have.


Royal chef Darren McGrady explained the Queen is given specific menus.

“The chef does three days’ menus and that gives us enough time to get all the produce in and prepare it,” he explained.

“When the menu book goes up to the Queen she puts a line through all the dishes she doesn’t want.

“If she’s out for dinner she’ll put a line through the page.

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