Rockstar will explore more single-player content for GTA Online


If you enjoyed the latest Cayo Perico Heist and especially the ability to solo it, we have good news. Rockstar Games revealed that they want to create more content for GTA Online that allows for single-player experiences. Rest assured though, as co-op will remain an important pillar of the popular online mode.

In a recent interview with GQ, Rockstar developers candidly talked about the state of GTA Online and its future. It’s a fascinating read, and you should read it in its entirety. Since The Cayo Perico Heist launched this month, we also learn a lot about the development of it, too.

And it’s much more interesting than you might think at first. The new heist is not only the biggest heist to date, it may also mark the start of a new direction for it. Cayo Perico launched on December 15th as a free content update to all GTA Online players. The scope of it is so staggering, that it instantly became one of the best reasons to log in.

A brand-new island location is the centerpiece of the new heist. It marks the first time that players venture outside of Los Santos. A huge deal on its own. But on top of that, Cayo Perico also allows being played fully solo. Making it the closest thing to a single-player DLC.

One thing GTA players have been clamoring for many years. And Rockstar developers acknowledge the community’s desires. Coupled with the success of the new heist, we learn that more single-player content will come to GTA Online in the future.

Without a doubt, great news for all GTA players, as all kinds of players – solo and co-op – will be able to enjoy new content this way. And with the game soon getting a proper next-gen launch in 2021, the future is bright for the iconic open-world game.

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