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Riley Keough was seconds away from seriously injuring her Under the Silver Lake co-star Andrew Garfield on set.

The Daisy Jones and the Six actress told Vanity Fair that she caused the set of David Robert Mitchell’s 2019 neo-noir drama Under the Silver Lake to shut down while filming all because she ate a granola bar.

The set was shut down due to Garfield’s severe nut allergy moments before the pair of actor’s were about to shoot a kiss scene.

Elvis Presley‘s grandaughter explained that she ate the granola bar in the makeup trailer before the scene and the makeup lady asked her if there were peanuts in it.

Keough said she didn’t know, but the makeup artist had to tell a producer due to Garfield’s allergy.

Once they were informed, they had to shut the set down.

They continued to say that the granola bars shouldn’t have been at craft and on set period.

Keough said: “I was just kind of like, ‘Oh f**k, that’s crazy.’ But also thank God that this woman caught it, because I had no idea!”

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for the movie’s set to open back up, once everyone was sure of Garfield’s safety.

Under the Silver Lake premiered at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival before A24 distributed it in spring 2019.

Keough plays Sarah, the neighbor of Garfield’s character, Sam, who goes missing.

Her disappearance quickly incites a mysterious series of events that leads to a darker conspiracy.

The film received a mixed critical reception.

Director Mitchell later explained the idea behind the film, and told IndieWire: “It was an exploration of this dark and warped fantasy version of the world I saw around me. It’s going to disturbing places.

“It’s about movies and the city of LA and these strange contrasts: you have incredible wealth and fame as the city is constantly being renewed by people wanting the things people in the big houses in the hills have.”

He added: “Everyone I know there has felt the struggle, the conflict between love and art and wealth and comfort.”

It’s just good that no one was injured on set.

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