Ricciardo doesn’t want to give up on F1


Daniel Ricciardo has expressed his desire to stay in Formula 1 in 2023 and doesn’t want to race in other categories.

The Australian will depart from McLaren after just two years to make way for compatriot Oscar Piastri, who was sensationally snatched by the team from Alpine.

With just three seats left up for grabs on the grid, Ricciardo says that he still has a lot to offer F1 and would look at taking a sabbatical if it meant securing a seat for 2024.

“It’s hard to know, like, predict too much ahead. I guess my quick answer, I wouldn’t give up on F1,” he told media, including RacingNews365.

“If it means I’m not on the grid next year, I will still certainly try to find a way to be on there in 2024.”

Ricciardo not interested in other categories

Even though NASCAR team TrackHouse Racing has expressed interest in running Ricciardo, he is still firmly fixed on making F1 his priority for the near future.

He explains: “It’s honestly the only racing I’m really interested in at the moment.

“Like my mindset is still ‘I’m an F1 driver’ and I am proud of what I’ve done, but I still feel there’s a bit more to show or to give myself.

“I wouldn’t race another category next year.”

Road to climb before winning again

Despite taking his first win since 2018 and McLaren’s first in nine years, Ricciardo feels whatever he does might result in a long road before he gets back to regular podiums and wins.

He added: “I want to see the hunger, the motivation, the desire, like all those all those things. Winning is fun, winning makes me happy.”

“So it’s obviously trying to get to a place where, I know I’ll probably have a bit of a road to climb to get back there, but I think all those things are still possible and that fire in my gut is still there.”

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