Relax Outside the Water This This Super Chic Swimsuit Coverup


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It’s about time to go swimming. Have you picked out your swimsuit yet? If not, make sure you’re ready to dive in the cool, sparkling clean pool water (or ocean, if you’re hitting the beach) and take a dip – but also make sure you’ve got something to lounge around in before and after you get in the water. We’re talking cover-ups, of course. You could just wear your swimsuit, but when you’re cold after taking a dip, you’re going to want to make sure you have something to wear that’s not just a towel.

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We found a particularly cute coverup at Walmart for just $15. The UVN Chiffon Loose Pom Pom Shirt Dress is so chic, you could wear it without a swimsuit – and you may very well want to, given how adorable it is. This is the perfect option for chilling poolside or for wrapping up in once you’ve air dried from swimming.

Get the UVN Chiffon Loose Pom Pom Shirt Dress for just $15 at Walmart!

This dress is plenty long enough to cover you from neck to thighs, so you’re given complete modesty if you’d like, and it’s opaque enough to not show off when you’re in areas that don’t necessitate it. It’s also a nice piece to take with you in your luggage when on vacation because you could even wear it with leggings if you so choose.

Get the UVN Chiffon Loose Pom Pom Shirt Dress for just $15 at Walmart!

If you’re looking for a nice coverup to wear when out and about, this one will do nicely. Use it as a shirt, cover your swimsuit, or just parade around in a beachy paradise with this look. Whatever you do, you’ll be looking stylish and chic.

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