Red Bull surprised rivals don’t understand ‘simple’ F1 secret


Red Bull’s powerful DRS and beam wing configuration has been one of the key developments on the RB19 that has enabled them to achieve their high top speeds at tracks.

The smaller beam wing that sits under the main rear wing works in unison with the DRS system, enabling Red Bull to effectively dump all of their drag at the rear of the car.

RacingNews365 technical expert Paolo Filisetti explained how the innovation works on the RB19, and its effectiveness when activated by the drivers.

McLaren Team Principal Andrea Stella has revealed the concept is on their ‘to-do’ list, with the team turning up to the Belgium Grand Prix with a similar concept with a double-element beam wing.

Red Bull Technical Director Pierre Wache is surprised that rival teams have yet to produce a copy of the concept when speaking to Autosport: “What is crazy is that the people speak about that two years after we introduced it.

“We have had hundreds of tests from the FIA to check if we had a trick of whatever, and the people [even recently] don’t understand why, on the very high downforce tracks, the advantage disappears.

“Okay [it means] they still don’t understand then. That very much surprises us.”

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