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PUBG Mobile 2 is reportedly in the works and could be a massive change for gamers across all platforms, and especially those in India.

According to a new report, PUBG Mobile 2 is being developed alongside a mainline sequel to the hit Battle Royale game.

The original creator of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Brendan Greene – is not said to be part of the project.

An untranslated report from Korean outlet MTN suggests that Krafton has been working on a PUBG Sequel for PC since 2019.

Not only that, but PUBG Mobile 2 is also reportedly in the works and has the codename “Project XTRM”.

This new project is being worked on by key personnel from PUBG Lite, a version of the game that runs on lower-end PCs and devices.

A transcript from the original report reads: “Krafton is in full swing development of its next works by utilizing the ‘Battleground’ IP (Intellectual Property Rights). The internal development of the mobile game sequel to back up ‘Battleground Mobile’ and the authentic sequel to the PC and console multi-platform, has come to the fore.”

What could prove interesting here for gamers who are currently unable to play PUBG Mobile is that PUBG Mobile 2 could be an internally-developed project.

This report needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as there has been no official word on a PUBG sequel from Krafton.

But if this information does prove correct, this could provide a way for a PUBG Mobile game to become playable again in places that it has been banned, like India.

This may not be technically possible, and it could all boil down to when a PUBG Mobile 2 release date is announced.

PUBG Mobile hasn’t seen a major update since November 2020 but more content and new seasonal releases are expected to continue in 2021.

December did see the launch of the new winter-themed game mode “Frost Festival” as part of a special holiday content launch.

The winter version of the Erangel battle royale map is still available to play and comes complete with interactive and explorable locations, snowy monuments and themed decorations.

“In the new “Frost Festival” event mode players will experience three frost castles that randomly spawn throughout the Erangel map, which can be looted for advantageous supplies.

“Added icy zones offer a unique combat-altering experience. Players can also traverse the frozen tundra to collect snowmen and snow chickens, which can both be used as statues for quick cover from enemy fire.

“The “Frost Festival” mode is available for a limited time and is accessible by selecting the Erangel event mode in the PUBG MOBILE main menu.”

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