Property: ‘Add thousands’ to the value of your home with fitted wardrobes – here’s how


Saving time and money while buying a are two of the most attractive features for buyers, and built-in storage ticks both of these boxes. With plenty of space to move in their new items and no need to pay-out for new wardrobes, fitted solutions are “a real selling point”, according to the experts at Homebuilding and Renovating. What’s more, handy storage space is incredibly valuable to sellers too, with some styles known to “add thousands” to a sale . But which designs are the best investments?

Storage is vital for homeowners and it has become an increasing trend desired by buyers looking for a new property.

While research by Country Properties revealed that people aged between 18 and 44 are more likely to pay more for a home with built-in storage, Nick Shacklock from explained that it is always a good investment for sellers looking to boost their sale price.

Speaking exclusively to, he said: “Fitted add great value to the home, as it maximises the space to ensure everything fits correctly in the bedroom.

“Research indicates that homeowners who opt for fitted wardrobes tend to see their house value rise significantly.”

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Not only do fitted wardrobes add more structure to a space, but they can also contribute to the overall look of the interior.

While not all fitted wardrobes or generic storage spaces will be to everyone’s taste, Nic explained that they will generally work as long as they fit the existing aesthetic of the room.

When done properly, they can be very appealing to both homeowners and interior designers looking to update a space.

What type of fitted wardrobes add the most value?

Bespoke, made-to-measure wardrobes often look more high-quality than “” styles, though Nic said that this isn’t always the case when it comes to the value they add to your home.

In fact, he recommended more low-cost styles to help sellers maximise the return on their investment.

To make your fitted wardrobes more affordable to install, Family Budgeting explained the importance of using materials wisely to “reduce prices by up to 40 percent”.

For example, opting for a budget flat-pack style can work just as well as a made-to-measure, as long as it is installed correctly.

However, according to Family Budgeting, there are some design elements that should not be skimped on.

The money-saving blog advised against skimping on sliding doors, as these are the ultimate space savers.

Nic added: “If the design is paired with the room’s overall aesthetic it could increase the chances of the property value being raised due to the matching design.

“Fitted wardrobes can add thousands to the value of the average house, while larger, ‘blingy’ mansions can see increases of up to £100,000 with the addition of impressive fitted home storage solutions.”

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