Prince Philip v Prince Edward: Future Duke of Edinburgh & father ‘like chalk and cheese’


Prince Edward, 56, featured in a special festive video that was shared by the Royal Family‘s Twitter account on Christmas Day. In the clip, the Earl of Wessex, who is spending Christmas in Norfolk with his family, read an exclusive introduction to Classic FM’s‘A Royal Christmas’ programme.

Former TV producer Edward has always had a deep interest in the arts and theatre and was well-suited to the reading.

The Royal Family shared the video on Twitter by retweeting Classic Fm’s message which read: “Join us now on Classic FM for ‘A Royal Christmas’ – broadcast from Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace and featuring a reading and exclusive introduction from HRH The Earl of Wessex.”

Prince Edward is the Queen and Prince Philip‘s, 99, youngest child and was made an earl on his wedding day to Sophie, Countess of Wessex in 1999.

Former PR boss Sophie and Edward have only been full-time working royals since 2002 but have quickly become a hit with fans and provided much need support to the Queen.

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She said: “Edward might be poised to step into his father’s shoes but I can only imagine him casting a quietly envious eye over the career of the prince who changed his life from outside the royal Firm rather than attempting a TV career while still part of it, as Edward did.”

Judi added: “Edward shows no sign here of trying to be any form of chip off the old block as far as his father is concerned.

“Philip’s style is pure ‘nautical leader’, retaining an upright posture, even in his nineties, and addressing the world with a challenging frown but a twinkle in his eye.

“His body language style has a tendency to be intimidating.”

According to Judi, Edward eschews his father’s formal body language and aims for a more personal touch.

She said “Edward, though, appears to be promoting warmth and a paternal-style of direct connection with his audience, even to the point where he adopts a story-telling style for some sections of this message.

“Edward sits leaning forward to the camera to suggest accessibility and a desire to communicate one-to-one.

“His shoulders are scrunched together in an act of self-diminishment that suggests a desire to lower his own status. His tone is warm and his head tilts side to side gently as he talks, suggesting a puppy-like keenness.”

She added: “There are no fake smiles from Edward here and his subtler smiling defines him as a bit of a realist rather than an optimist.

“Even when he uses the words ‘Happy Xmas’ he performs a mouth-shrug that appears to acknowledge the universal problems of 2020 and his constant one-shoulder shrugs add a self-effacing touch.”

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