‘Prince Charming’ William couldn’t keep ‘admiring glances’ off Kate during rare date night


While Kate certainly managed to cause a stir with her outstanding fashion choice, she also managed to catch the attention of her husband.

Body language expert Judi James told Express.co.uk that William was “constantly looking back” at Kate as the pair arrived at the historic venue.

Ms James said: “William really was in ‘Prince Charming’ mode last night, quietly pointing out the red carpet to Kate as she walked up behind him to avoid any risks of tripping in her stunning green dress and constantly looking back throwing her admiring glances before waiting for her to catch up so they could walk in together.

“The pair worked independently but these moments of concern and their signature trait of subconscious mirroring (waving at the same time in the same way without being side by side) suggested she was very much at the front of his mind.

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