Presidential debate: Trump HUMILITATED as POTUS’ mic is slashed in ugly Biden spat | World | News


The President was discussing healthcare when he went over his allotted time.

Mr Trump said “We have done an incredible job on healthcare and we’re going to do even better” at which point his mic was muted.

Following the first contentious presidential debate, where Mr Biden was repeatedly interrupted by Mr Trump, it was decided the moderator can mute either candidate’s mic this time around.

Under the new rules each candidate was allowed two minutes to speak uninterrupted on each topic, after which there was a general debate.

Referring to the Affordable Care Act Mr Trump said: “We terminated the individual mandate.

“The worst part of Obamacare.”

Mr Biden pledged to introduce an expanded version of the Act he dubbed ‘Bidencare’.

He commented: “What I’m going to do is have Obamacare with a public option.”

More to follow… 

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