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Bold, punchy and vibrant – the premium beers produced by Two by Two Brewing, along with a dazzling taproom, have won legions of fans.

However its repeated efforts to sort out a recent energy bill problem fell flat.

Getting a debt collector’s letter after that, despite having already paid, did not go down well with the Newcastle family firm either.

But now it’s cheers all round after the payments were sorted out in a fair manner, with a special toast to the craft brewer’s company secretary Rod MacLeod, father of managing director Robert.

It was Rod who contacted Crusader to ask for help after hitting a brick wall with energy supplier ScottishPower.

He had also contacted its collection agency LCS which had correctly referred him back to the power provider.

Thanks to Rod’s immaculate record-keeping and timeline, getting to the bottom of what had gone was much easier for everyone involved.

A combination of problems led to the dispute over £112 that surfaced as the company changed units and supplier this year.

The crux of the matter concerned overpayment on its electricity account that was made in a communicatons overlap just before moving, plus an estimated charge for gas, even though Two by Two did not use gas.

Rod was also unhappy with the late payment and debt referral charges, asking: “How can these be right and reasonable when we have made a duplicate payment? I have done everything in my power to provide an explanation with evidence. My points seemed to have been looked at in isolation so getting continuity was difficult.”

Every penny counts for a small business and aside from fairness, settling the matter was essential for keeping the brewer’s accounts in order.

Since we highlighted the problem however, wires have been uncrossed and action has been taken regarding the payments and the final bill.

Two by Two has received the outstanding monies due, plus a £50 goodwill gesture. It has also been confirmed that no default note has been placed on the account.

When consumers and businesses receive a debt demand that is then dropped, it is always vital for them to check their credit rating too to ensure there are no adverse marks.

A spokesperson for ScottishPower said: “We’re sorry for the inconvenience Mr McLeod has experienced.

“We have resolved the issue, closed his account and have made a goodwill payment in recognition.

“We appreciate his patience whilst we worked on a resolution.”

Crusader has received warm thanks from Two by Two.

We were delighted to help the brewery, whose cans and unit are a sight to behold, featuring standout Latin-style graphics as stunning as their seasonal beers, which have unique flavours showcasing hops from around the world.

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