PlayStation Plus line-up for Janaury 2021 includes Maneater for PS5


It’s almost 2021, meaning we’re exiting the holiday season so there are about to be a lot less games. If you’re the lucky owner of a new PS5, you’re likely craving new games and Sony has you covered. The PlayStation Plus line-up for January 2021 is looking really damn good, including Maneater on PS5.

Maneater was a beloved 2020 title that revolved around you playing as a shark that rips people apart. It’s pretty awesome to say the least. The game launched with a PS5 port in November and now, you can play it with your PlayStation Plus line-up. Other titles include Greedfall and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, both equally great games.

While Greedfall and Tomb Raider are PS4 titles, they also work on PS5 via backward compatibility. Now, you have 3 new games to play on your fancy new next-gen console. If you’re looking for more games, PlayStation Plus owners get access to the “PlayStation Plus Collection” on PS5. This includes some of the best PS4 games like The Last of Us, God of War, Uncharted, Batman: Arkham Knight, and more.

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