Pension: DWP confirms automatic enrolment rules for 2021 in light of a ‘retirement crisis’ | Personal Finance | Finance


When first introduced, the trigger rose from £8,105 in 2012 to £9,440 in 2013, eventually reaching £10,000 in 2014.

Becky O’Connor, the Head of Pensions and Savings at interactive investor, reflected on the DWP’s decision: “At such a difficult time for people on low earnings and their employers, leaving the trigger for paying into a workplace pension unchanged makes sense.

“The Government’s aim is to ‘bring as many people into automatic enrolment as possible who will benefit from saving, while avoiding the automatic enrolment of those unlikely to benefit.’

“So setting the trigger is a balance between taking income that people need now to meet current living costs and trying to ensure they have a chance of meeting future needs.”

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