Painting a wall? How to speed up job – dry paint faster with clever hacks


When painting their home there is a shade Britons should avoid, another expert has told It is one of the worst colours to paint your home.

They warned the colour could go so far as to put buyers off the property – a no-no for those hoping to sell.

However, home staging expert Elaine Penhaul, director of Lemon & Lime Interiors said there are some paint colours which could deter people from putting in an offer.

Elaine urged sellers to “avoid using magnolia”, despite it being one of the UK’s most popular wall colours.

She said: “It was very in trend a few years ago and we find it is still a popular choice with developers, but it doesn’t look good in modern homes. These days it can be somewhat reminiscent of nicotine-stained walls, which is not a good look to buyers.”

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