Over 31,000 Aussies Off Work Due To Long-Covid 26/08/2022


A SILENT pandemic devastating lives is also having a serious impact on the economy, with more than 31,000 Australians off work every day suffering the effects of long-Covid.
PRIME Minister Anthony ­Albanese has rescued rugby league in Papua New Guinea after the Mackay Cutters ­backflipped on plans to abandon playing the Hunters in Port Moresby.
THE boss of Star Entertainment Group has been grilled over why multiple highrolling gamblers were allowed access to the Gold Coast casino despite obvious “red flags”, including one with links to the notorious ‘Ndrangheta organised crime syndicate, who had been banned from interstate venues.
A ROYAL commission into the “shameful” Robodebt scandal that unlawfully claimed ­almost $1.8bn in debts from Aussies will report next April.
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