Outback is the new Rainbow Six Siege map set in Australia


Multiplayer-shooter sensation Rainbow Six Siege is getting its newest map with Outback. In case the name wasn’t on the nose enough, it’s set in Australia and has some cool hazards – other than what Australia usually has on offer. Take a look at the map in action!

Rainbow Six Siege is celebrating its 4th anniversary this year and still manages to be one of the healthiest service games in existence. A pretty neat feat for what Ubisoft deserves all the credit. Despite not being designed around Coop mission gameplay like Destiny, The Division 2 or the upcoming Anthem, Rainbow Six Siege has cultivated a large and loyal player base.

Not least due to Ubisoft’s exemplary post-launch support. Whether it’s new operators, maps or modes, players of Siege continuously have new and exciting content to look forward to. The newest addition to the ever-increasing breadth of content is Outback. A new map set in Australia. As part of the newest Season Y4S1 – Year 4 Season 1 – Operation Burnt Horizon, Outback aims to bring the remote aspects of the land down under to its players. Consisting of a dusty pit stop, service station, motel and more the ambient setting is sure to make for a unique Rainbow Six Siege experience.

That’s not all, as the backdrop of the narrative of Outback is a nuclear convoy that has come to an unexpected and violent halt in form of an attack. The developer explains the composition and design concepts of Outback as three distinct and always-recognizable sections, the Garage, the Motel, and the Restaurant. By further designing each section in a specific color-tone, player should find their bearings quickly at all times.

Operation Burnt Horizon is all about Australia and Outback is only one part of it. Two new operators from the Australian Special Forces unit SASR are also going to come soon.

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