Our Community’s Top 5 Dishes Disguised as a Sandwich


Here are our top 5 dishes disguised as sandwiches!

In our latest recipe contest, we asked our community members to share their best dishes disguised as a sandwich. The entries were playful and creative. It was a tough process—not really, we love sandwiches—but we narrowed the field down to five recipes you’re going to want to try at your next lunch.

1. Biftec Encebollado Sandwich with Mayo-ketchup Sauce by Juan Carlos Ponce

This sandwich combines sweet and savory with just the right about of textural crunch to make a successful meal disguised as a sandwich. The mayo-ketchup mixture works well with the sweet plantains and the onions and steak were a flavorful base for the sandwich.

2. Spicy Smoked Salmon “Bento” Bagel Sandwich with Cucumber Salad by Joni Goldbach

It may seem like there are a lot of moving parts for a simple sandwich, but you will not regret a little prep work once you bite into this dynamic dish. Toasting the bagel in sesame oil is brilliant and we loved the combination of the cool pickled cucumbers and the warm omelet.

3. Shrimp Francese Sandwich by daddy_chef_dodododododo

You won’t mind the mess that is made eating this sandwich when you bite into the plump shrimp that absolutely sings with the cherry pepper bruschetta. We think that this is the way all shrimp francese (even when not disguised as a sandwich) should be made!

4. Cheesy Chicken Alfredo Sandwiches by Nicole

Prepare yourself for a rich and delicious meal that really captures the essence of chicken alfredo. We loved that Nicole uses garlic bread for this sandwich and the salty provolone provides a great finish to this dish.

5. Turkey or Chicken Saltimbocca Sandwiches by AntoniaJames

This sandwich is a lesson in simplicity. We loved how a few thoughtful touches (crispy, salty prosciutto, crisped sage, and fresh, peppery arugula) really brought this sandwich all of the feelings of saltimbocca.

Give one or all of these recipes a try in your kitchen and let us know your thoughts!

Voting for the final two recipes will open July 1, 2022 at 12 p.m. EDT here. May the best dish win!

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