Olivia Bowen shares impressive before and after of her teeth following at-home aligner treatment


Love Island star Olivia Bowen took to Instagram this week to show the impressive results of an at-home aligner treatment she’s been undergoing for the past 14 weeks.

The Islander has a dazzling smile as it is, but signed up to the plan to correct the positioning of her bottom teeth – which appeared to be slightly out of place.

Posting to her social media page as she comes to the end of her treatment, the Islander showed off her new super-straight gnashers, along with some jaw-dropping before and after pictures.

Instagram / @oliviadbowen
Olivia shows her teeth before and after the treatment
(Image: Instagram / @oliviadbowen)

Using Diamond Whites’ Invisible Dental Aligners Kit, Olivia transformed her bottom teeth from the comfort of her home using a kit created by celebrity dentist Dr Richard Marques.

Dr Marques is responsible for transforming the smiles of many celebs, including Rita Ora, Love Island’s Amy Hart and Joey Essex.

The treatment that Olivia received begins with a home impressions kit, a teeth-whitening set and a 3D before-and-after visual scan, which retails at £99.99.

Instagram / @oliviadbowen
The star used the at-home kit for 14 weeks in total
(Image: Instagram / @oliviadbowen)

Then when you are happy with your plan, a further £1,300 is due – where you will then be sent your tailor-made aligners in the post.

The treatment comes with a finance option, so the payments can be split up to suit your budget.

And it seems that Olivia was more than happy with her results, claiming, “Honestly my teeth are so straight and I never thought that they’d turn out like that.”

Instagram / @oliviadbowen
Olivia was surprised at the results
(Image: Instagram / @oliviadbowen)

“I’ve seen such a difference,” she adds.

Though the at-home kit is perfect for lockdown, the star says, “If you are worried about doing it all yourself, for the same price you can go to one of their fifteen locations and have a digital scan if you wanted to talk to a professional.”

Olivia shared a sneak peek of her 3D scan, showing what her bottom teeth looked like before, and how they would look after 14 weeks.

Instagram / @oliviadbowen
Olivia shared pictures of her 3D scan, showing her teeth before the treatment, and they would look after 14 weeks
(Image: Instagram / @oliviadbowen)

“This is what I saw when I signed up,” she wrote on her Instagram stories. “I was so buzzing when I saw the difference.”

And the digital scan didn’t lie – Olivia shared a real-life snap of her teeth now, showing her bottom teeth looking completely straight and flawless.

The star is on her last week of her aligners, and although the treatment comes with a hefty price tag, it appears to have worked wonders.

If you’re thinking about trying this out yourself, we recommend speaking to your regular dentist before beginning the treatment.

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