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Energy bills are continuing to soar, and may be a source of worry for people as they tighten their belts. While it can be difficult to save, it is better to take some action than none at all. 

Octopus explained its customers saved over £5million on their bills last winter by making use of these “simple tips”.

The average home trying them out in the provider’s Winter Workout challenged slashed their bill by 12 percent.

1. Check your boiler – save £70

Octopus recommends Britons set their boiler’s flow temperature between 55 ad 60 degrees.

The provider explains a boiler’s default setting is usually too high, and by turning it down a bit, Britons will still feel just as warm.

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3. Mind the gaps – save £45

The provider explains: “A continuous draught can quickly undo all the good work of your heating. Identifying and plugging up draughts around doors, windows and other gaps can help trap warmth in and make your gas spend go further.”

Some will opt for professional draft proofing, while others could make their own excluders for free using old scraps of fabric.

4. Control your thermostat – save £128

Octopus asserts turning down the temperature by just one degree could save Britons up to £128 on their energy bill.

The provider is said it is better to set a thermostat and leave it on while it is needed, rather than taking constant tweaks.

It recommends leaving the thermostat to somewhere between 18 and 21 degrees celsius.

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7. Reevaluate shower time – save £70

Reducing time in the shower is likely to be a good way to save money – cutting bills by £70 for a typical household.

8. Bright with lights – save £80+

Octopus states: “Lighting makes up around 11 percent of a typical power bill. LEDs use 70-80 percent less electricity – so when it’s time to replace those bulbs, go LED.

“The Energy Savings Trust have written loads about the impact it could make on your bills: between £5-£13 per bulb, per year! 

“Making sure you switch off the lights when you leave the room can save a further £20 per year.”

Using these tips, Octopus states there are potential savings to be had worth approximately £488, which could begin to help somewhat with the rising cost of energy.

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