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Savers are being urged to lock in high interest  accounts sooner rather than later as the plateauing Base Rate could see providers pull deals.

Banks and building societies have typically been boosting  across their products in response to Base Rate hikes, but today, the bank opted to leave the rate unchanged at 5.25 percent.

But following 14 consecutive Base Rate hikes since December 2021, savings deals have been offering some of the highest rates seen in decades. The top market deal launched most recently being Nationwide’s Flex Regular Saver at eight percent AER/gross.

However, experts are warning these deals may not be around “for long” in view of the recent Base Rate developments.

Rachel Springall, finance expert at said: “The savings market overall has been blessed by interest rate rises, whether someone is happy to lock their cash away or need a more flexible pot to dip into, they will find some attractive deals today.

“Any Base Rate rise should spur savers to check their existing savings accounts, particularly as challenger banks and building societies offer some of the best rates on flexible accounts.

“If Base Rate were to fall, then it could result in providers cutting their rates, some may be able to do this quickly, but others might take a couple of months to plan and process – it really depends on the brand.”

Ms Springall added: “Deals offered by a challenger bank can change quickly when they meet their funding targets, so there is no guarantee a top rate will be around for long.”

The average easy access account pays approximately 3.08 percent, while the leading easy access rate in the market stands at 5.05 percent from challenger bank Paragon, as per Moneyfacts data.

For a one-year fixed-rate account, the best rate available is NS&I’s 6.2 pecent on its one-year fix, with a top rate of 6.05 percent for a two-year fix.

Interest rates on  have also grown increasingly competitive, with the top easy access ISA rate coming in at 4.75 percent with MoneyBox.

Meanwhile, Virgin Money tops the table of fixes with an AER of 5.61 percent for savers looking to put money away for a year.

Adam Thrower, head of savings at Shawbrook Bank said after consecutive Base Rate hikes: “The peak might have finally been reached, But savings rates remain high and still present a window of opportunity for those yet to move their money.”

However, he noted: “But it’s not just about the interest rate anymore. With rates now much higher, holding £16,250 in a one-year fixed account could put you over the tax-free limit. Many savers are realising this and switching to Cash ISAs for tax-efficient savings – we have seen a 73 percent increase in new Cash ISA accounts from January to May 2023 compared to the same period last year.”

Inflation is still eroding savers’ cash in real terms, making it “imperative” for people to take time to ensure their account is offering a competitive return on their investment, Ms Springall has said.

Ms Springall said while there has been a positive uplift in savings rates overall, thanks to competition and back-to-back Bank of England Base Rate rises, not every consumer is seeing the benefits.

She said: “Less than a third of the savings market pays above base rate, and there are even some easy access accounts paying just one percent. It is essential for savers to ditch and switch if their loyalty is not being rewarded.”

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