Norris suggests changes to make Zandvoort races better


Lando Norris has suggested a simple change that could be made to Zandvoort to make the racing more competitive around the circuit.

Heading into the weekend the FIA increased the DRS activation line by 40 meters after Turn 13 in a bid to increase overtaking on the main straight.

“They have to adjust corner one, that’s quite simple,” Norris told media, including

“The braking zone has to be extended by making it a tighter corner and that will actually be more provide opportunities at the end of the extended DRS zone.”

The McLaren driver believes that the braking zone is currently too short, which makes it easier to defend your position from an attacking driver.

“The braking zone of the first corner is too short and the corner itself too fast. So you can’t slow someone out well and it’s easier for the other to defend.

“As far as I’m concerned they change corner one and then things will get even better.”

The McLaren driver struggled to make progress towards the end of the race having pitted like everyone else to switch to the Soft tyre.

He ultimately finished the race where he started in 7th place.

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