No question that Verstappen’s title bid is on a roll says Coulthard


The Scottish driver believes that if it wasn’t for Ferrari’s reliability
issues of late, things may be quite different.

Verstappen has pulled out a 49 lead in the Driver’s Championship
after eight races in this year’s 22 round season the Dutchman turned things
around from earlier in the season when Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc looked to be
the stronger of the two.

However, reliability issues halted Leclerc’s challenge for the
time being allowing Verstappen to pull out a very healthy lead.

Things can change very quickly in Formula 1.

Speaking to, Coulthard gave his thoughts on
Verstappen’s lead and if he thought the Dutchman would fly off into the
distance and secure a second title with ease. While he is impressed with
Verstappen’s driving, Coulthard believes that the Ferrari challenge is far from

“I don’t, I really don’t I think that, you know, Ferrari, if they
hadn’t had those two non finishes, then it would have made a big difference. I
think things change quickly in Formula 1. I think that the Ferrari is still
fundamentally a fast car, which has obviously got reliability issues,” Coulthard

“And you know, we saw again, Perez had reliability issues on the
[Canadian] weekend. So you know, let’s see how the season plays out. But, you
know, he’s [Verstappen] on a roll, there’s no question. He’s driving
beautifully. But Carlos Sainz looked pretty quick on the weekend, maybe if that
had been Charles up there, maybe he would have had a go, who knows.

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