Nine Premier League players ‘escaped ban for failing drugs test’ new investigation shows | Football | Sport


Neville said on the Stick to Football podcast: “There are a couple that stick in my mind and I’m going to say this for legal reasons, I think there were a few teams that we played against who weren’t clean. We thought it at the time.”

“We played certain teams, I would be walking off and would be absolutely shattered,” Keane added. “I would be looking at the players I played against, a couple of Italian teams, and they looked like they’ve not even played a match.”

Ex-England defender Neville concluded: “You look back at what came out after in cycling and other sports and doctors and then you think, ‘Hang on?’ Physically, we were fit, we weren’t drinkers. I came off a pitch against an Italian team and thought, ‘That’s not right. That’s not right, I’m sorry’. And I know that a couple of the other lads, mid-2000s, thought exactly the same thing.”

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