Nine F1 drivers set for grid penalties ahead of Italian Grand Prix qualifying


With Monza being the last chance for Formula 1 teams to introduce new engine components into their pools for a few races, nearly half the grid have decided to do this ahead of the Italian Grand Prix.

Overtaking is difficult at Singapore and in Japan – the next two races – meaning the Autodromo is usually a place where drivers will fall to the back of the grid as their team plays the long game.

In total, nine drivers have been slapped with grid penalties before Qualifying – with three drivers set to start at the back of the grid.

Below has rounded up the complete penalties for drivers concerned.

Verstappen and Ocon have each taken a new Internal Combustion Engine – worth a five-place drop.

Perez has a new ICE, but under Article 28.3 of the Sporting Regulations as it is his fourth of three permitted, a 10 place drop is incurred.

Like with Verstappen and Ocon, anymore than four is worth a five place drop.

Schumacher has a new gearbox, worth 10 places, coupled with a fifth ICE of the season, so drops 15 places as does Haas teammate Magnussen.

The Dane is equipped with a fresh ICE, turbo charger and MGU-H.

As for Sainz, Hamilton and Tsunoda, as they have received penalties more than 15 places, they are sent to the back of the grid.

Sainz originally took a new gearbox and control electronics on Friday, but Ferrari elected to also arm him with new ICE, turbo, MGU-H and MGU-K components for a whole new fresh power unit.

Hamilton’s penalty is similar to Sainz in that his third power unit was damaged in his first-lap collision with Fernando Alonso in the Belgian Grand Prix.

Mercedes is hopeful it can be used as a Friday unit going forward, but have introduced a new one to Hamilton’s pool.

As for Tsunoda, he’s got engine penalties, a reprimand and also a stewards-imposed drop.

A 10 place penalty was given for his fifth reprimand of the season following the Dutch GP, a three-place one for ignoring yellow flags in FP2 and finally new ICE, turbo, MGU-H and K components.

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