Netflix’s New Food-Loving Puppets Dance for Quail Eggs


We’re so excited for the premiere of Netflix’s new feel-good cooking show for kids, Waffles + Mochi, premiering Tuesday, March 16th on the streaming platform (and not just because we’d watch puppets with food names try new dishes and cook with celebrity chefs all day long). Waffles + Mochi stars Michelle Obama, former First Lady and patron saint of a varied and nutritious diet, as rooftop gardening master “Mrs. O.”

Photo by Adam Rose/Netflix

Enjoy this exclusive clip above from the puppets’ food-finding mission to Peru, and make sure to tune in for family-friendly fun that will have you celebration-dancing your way to the kitchen for tasty treats made from fresh ingredients from around the world.

Check back Tuesday for another exclusive video from the world of Waffles + Mochi—we can’t get enough!

Will you tune in to join the fresh and flavorful food fun? Let us know in the comments.

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