NatWest warns of ‘too much faith in cash’ as ‘safe’ cash balances lose purchasing power | Personal Finance | Finance


Interestingly though, nearly one in 10 (eight percent) simply didn’t know where to turn to for advice, and a similar number (seven percent) simply didn’t know how to do so.

While the NatWest data revealed that the majority of parents/ guardians trusted a high-street-bank’s saving and investment product, around one in eight (13 percent) still do not, the bank said.

The survey found for a quarter of Brits (25 percent), returns that make it worthwhile would convince them to start saving or investing for their child, with cheaper options (28 percent) the only higher answer.

But interestingly, for roughly one in seven (14 percent), more advice on how to do so would help them do so.

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