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NatWest is going to help people who are hurt by others at home by giving them a safe place in over 360 of its bank branches all over the UK.

They told everyone about this during a special week called UK Says No More Week (March 3 to 9 2024). This week is when we talk about how bad it is when people are mean to others at home or hurt them in other ways.

It’s also happening at the same time as International Women’s Day (March 8).

A charity named Hestia made these safe places for anyone who is having a tough time because someone is being mean to them at home or not letting them use money.

You can find these safe spots in NatWest banks and also in Royal Bank of Scotland and Ulster Bank, which are friends with NatWest.

If someone needs to get away from trouble, they just have to ask a bank person, and they’ll get a private room. They can use a phone there and call someone they trust or someone who can help without anyone knowing.

The people who work at NatWest banks have learned a lot about these safe places and how to understand when someone is being hurt at home.

Raghu Narula, who helps look after NatWest banks, said: “We know that people from all walks of life can experience economic and domestic abuse.”

“As a bank it’s really important to be playing a part in helping not only our own customers, but people within our communities who need help by providing a safe space where they can go and access support safely.”

Patrick Ryan, chief executive at Hestia, said: “Having a safe place to seek support is vital for victims of domestic abuse. One in five people in England and Wales will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime.”

“By bringing our safe spaces to everyday places like banks and pharmacies, it means that anyone experiencing domestic abuse has the chance to access specialist help and advice, or to call a loved one.”

Big names on the high street have recently made similar announcements.

Earlier this year Nationwide Building Society revealed that, to support domestic abuse victims, it would provide a safe space in over 400 of its branches across the UK.

HSBC UK, which already provides safe spaces, reported an increased use of these during the colder months.

Embracing Hestia’s safe spaces scheme in April 2022, HSBC UK also acknowledged getting around two calls per day from customers who referenced domestic or financial abuse.

In May 2021, TSB joined the initiative and set up an emergency fund for survivors of domestic abuse. Depending on personal circumstances, the bank offers between £50 and £500.

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