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Nationwide states it is the most popular building society in the world, and millions of Britons will use its services each year. However, the trusted name of the building society is being exploited in a new text message scam. Here, Britons are being told there has been activity on their account, and that they will need to rectify the issue if the activity is not theirs. 

Nationwide took to their social media account to allay the fears of Britons who had received the text message.

The organisation said: “We can confirm this is a scam text. Please ignore it and delete it and send a screenshot to us at”

The building society highlighted the issue of mobile digital banking fraud, stating Britons are often “tricked” into parting with personal details.

Email, text or social media messages are some of the most common forms of this type of fraud, and Nationwide provided further information.

Nationwide has urged individuals never to open messages or click on links where the sender is not recognised, or the message appears out of the blue.

If anyone ever asks for a full password or PIN number, Britons should report the issue immediately. 

Several people shared they had received the text, urging others to stay alert.

One wrote: “Just got a phishing text purporting to be from Nationwide – seems many scams around.”

Another said: “I don’t bank with Nationwide, and I never have, so this is clearly a scam.”

A third incredulous person penned: “Really? I don’t even have a Nationwide account!”

While a fourth person warned: “Scam text alert. I don’t have a Nationwide account so this is definitely a scam.

“Remember, don’t click this link – on any suspect text or email.”

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