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Outraged MPs are leading backlash against Nike and England this afternoon, after the new 2024 National Kits were accused of being “woke”.

Announced a couple of days ago, Nike said the new kits will “celebrate football heroes of the past with a modern twist”.

One change, in particular, sparked outrage, as the sports fashion brand revealed that the St George’s Cross on the collar has been given a “playful update… to unite and inspire”.

The traditional red cross has now been replaced with a multicoloured cross. While the vertical line remains red, the horizontal line has instead been redesigned with navy blue, light blue and pink.

Despite being revealed on Monday, the change was only picked up on this afternoon and has led to immediate social media fury.

Leading the charge, Reform UK MP Lee Anderson blasted: “The left have a nerve to ask me why I want my country back.

“This virtue signalling, namby-pamby, pearl-clutching woke nonsense must stop. Any more of this and I’ll be on the first flight to Rwanda.”

Tory MP Brendan Clarke Smith told the Express that the design “looks nothing like our flag”.

The plain-speaking patriot fumed: “Maybe somebody in the design department misheard Three Lions and instead went for three lines on a shirt.

“I’m not sure what this is supposed to be, but it certainly looks nothing like our flag and I’m not sure it needs an ‘update’ either.

“That said, I doubt they’ll shift many at those sort of prices.”

Other social media users joined in with the outrage, with one slamming: “No one asked for ‘a playful update to the St. George Cross.

“You are the England team, you should wear the England flag with pride!”

Another added: “I think you’ll find a conventional red-only St George’s Cross is perfectly able to ‘unite and inspire’.

“This is an atrocious modification.”

Former Brexit Party MEP Christina Jordan piled on: “That’s not a St George’s Flag, playful or otherwise. Totally uninspiring.”

The anti-Brexit Bruges Group added: “It is no longer the Cross of St. George.

“It unites and inspires no one.”

Nike was approached for comment.

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