Morrisons: Shoppers go mad for limited-edition Pimm’s style drink for summer – ‘bargain’


Pimm’s is a popular alcoholic beverage, which although is sold all-year round, is typically consumed throughout the summer months. Supermarket giant Morrisons has launched their own Pimm’s style drink, which shoppers have called a “bargain”.

Morrisons has launched the drink as part of the Oxford Originals range, made by Manchester Drinks Company.

It is called Summer Cup and is available in the supermarket for customers to purchase right now.

However, it is only available for a limited time only so shoppers need to be quick if they want to get their hands on a bottle. 

Perfect for a classic British summer, Summer Cup is a blend of aromatic, fruity flavours, delicately combined with herbal botanicals, caramelised orange and warm spices. 

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Taking to social media to share their thoughts on the new launch, shoppers explained how excited they were to head to their local Morrisons.

One person said: “I’ll be picking this up on my next grocery shop, I might go today actually!”

Another wrote: “That’s a bargain compared to the actual Pimm’s brand, I hope it tastes similar.”

“You can’t beat this type of alcoholic drink in the summer, especially when you add fruit in it,” commented a third.

Morrisons has also recently launched its first ever range of canned cocktails, perfect for summer picnics.

Available in various different flavours, they are available to pick up online and in stores too. 

Jack Coleclough, Spirits Buying Manager at Morrisons said: “This summer will be packed with alfresco get-togethers, the perfect occasion for canned cocktails. 

“With eight options available there will be something to please everyone at picnics and parties.” 

The cans are priced at £1 each, and cocktails include Woo and Mojito.

Morrisons has also teamed up with Too Good To Go, an app that makes sure food is eaten and not thrown away.

In a bid to cut down on waste, Morrisons’ ‘Magic Bags’ are filled with food that can’t be sold the next day or have just gone past their use by date.

Customers can make use of the ‘Magic Bags’ by downloading the Too Good To Go app which is available on mobile devices.

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