Morrisons: Customers divided over Union Jack ‘unsettling’ packaging


However, some customers defended Morrisons’ packaging and did not see anything wrong with it.

One customer said: “They also have the French flag on Brie and Camembert cheeses and the Italian flag on a number of meats. Should we remove them as well? Or is it just because it is the British flag?”

Another shopper wrote: “A British product in a British supermarket in Britain with the British Union Jack on it, how can anyone be upset about it. I bet in Germany you’ll find the German flag on German products. Really, a sandwich short of a picnic some people.”

One person added: “Isn’t it wonderful!! Good British produce proudly displaying our great Union flag! Good old Morrisons…Tesco’s do the same thing….let’s get all the other big chains on board!”

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