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Drew Steven-King, from Milton Keynes, says there is the opportunity for “unlimited earnings” selling the beauty and skincare range. He decided to start his own Avon business after he was furloughed during the coronavirus pandemic, and he says the “flexible” job style could be appropriate for a range of people.

The 56-year-old said: “There is a very real opportunity with unlimited earnings which allows you to be the best version of yourself.

“The only blocker in success is yourself and you don’t need a glamorous CV to be successful.”

He said of his earnings: “I sell around £1,200 worth of products a month, so every week when I get paid commission, I transfer this all into a savings account instead of spending it frivolously.

“I even created a vision board of everything I wanted out of life, and it all came true – we went on a cruise over the Christmas period last year and my Avon earnings paid for every single penny.”

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Drew was introduced to the scheme by another Avon rep.

He was already a fan of their products and found that the group had similar values to his own.

He said: “Prior to Avon, I would never have believed I was capable of running my own business. It’s proof you don’t require a massive CV to succeed.

“It isn’t biassed towards previous experience or education – in fact, with Avon I can learn while I earn.”


Drew works as a hybrid Rep, spending half his time selling in his area with printed brochures and the other half growing his business online.

As he started during lockdown, his trade was initially all word of mouth, and he became known as the “Avon Guy”.

He said that the key to a successful Avon business is the relationship with customers, as the group prides itself on its personalised service.

He said this is key to getting loyal customers.

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Drew said: “When I first started my business, people bought from me as a novelty but as soon as I earned their trust and they realised how good the products were, they were sold.

“I haven’t received a single return since becoming a Rep and with Avon, you’re able to return products even after trying them which says a lot.

“If you’re able to switch customers who typically use high-end products to more affordable ones without compromising quality, then you’ve got a skincare customer for life.”

He said the benefits to being a rep are “endless” and encouraged newcomers to work out what they want to achieve.

Drew said that the scheme is very accessible and can be launched with very little financial investment

He said: “You can start your business for just £10 and with that you get everything you need for your first month – from products and brochures, delivery bags and order forms, to all the training and tools needed to kickstart your journey.

“If you are looking for a second income, just sign up.

“Avon is flexible around your lifestyle as you work for yourself, but you must be willing to put the effort in and be consistent.

“I’m a firm believer in if you don’t take a chance, then nothing will ever change.”

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